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From the desk of:
Les Brown,
Thursday, August 30th, 2018
Subject: It's Live, And You're Invited

Dear Great One,

How are you?

Over 50 years ago, Mr. Washington asked me a question that completely changed the course of my life. That one question, when fervently answered and backed with action, has the power to change yours too. That one question led me to become who I am today, to achieve the things I have achieved and live my dreams.

And now, I am passing the torch so to speak, and I am asking you that same question. The answer is loaded with absolute potential and greatness.

Let me ask you, very clearly and definitely...

Are you the ONE?

Are you the one who will stand up against all odds and go after your dreams? Are you the one who will do what it takes to make it? Are you the one who will take charge of your life? Are you the one who will stand above the excuses and reasons why you can't do something and make it happen?

Are you the one?

I remember years ago I was talking with a mentor and I asked him what the number one key to success was.

I was expecting the usual stuff like your personal drive, will power, your network of people around you, and your education - but what he said blew me away.

He said the number one key to success in life, the number one key to getting unstuck when you're feeling down and out, the number one key to financial greatness, the number one key to building a powerful relationship, the number one key to a happy family life, and the number one key to living life feeling like a million bucks (and having that much!) is RESOLVE.

Resolve is what's missing in most people's life.

So what is resolve?

It's doing what you said you were going to do.

It's "follow through power".

It's sticking with something, regardless of the pain, until you reach your goal.

I said "hey man, that's powerful, but if that's the number one key to success, why do so many people fail and go through life living far BELOW their means?"

He said...

"It's really quite simple... The number one key to success is resolve, but the number one key to resolve is accountability. Most people go through life lying to themselves and breaking personal promises. If you can't stick with something, you'll never succeed, no matter how good the lesson. But if you have a smart mentor - and you're a smart individual - that mentor will help you stay accountable. And when you combine accountability, resolve and the right mentor, you've unlocked the secret to success."


That's heavy stuff.

Let me repeat that so you get it right down to your core...

If you want to SUCCEED you must...

1 - COMMIT to the program.
2 - Find a mentor that will keep you ACCOUNTABLE.
3 - Find a mentor that knows his stuff and has what you want, i.e. is successful and can TAKE YOU THERE with them.

I feel blessed to say that over the years, I have created more millionaires than any other speaker trainer.

When it comes to living your dream, boy I know a thing or two cause' I've seen a thing or two.

But I won't lie... I could have done more.

Don't get me wrong, I've achieved a lot, but I could have helped even MORE people achieve greatness if I had the team that I have now.

One thing I've learned is that I can't do it all on my own. No one can.

But with a team, your potential is absolutely ENDLESS.

And for the past few months, I've been working diligently with my team, making sure we put together the absolute BEST mentoring program that exist.

Why work so hard when I've already achieved so much - and quite frankly entering my "golden years"?

Because it's my mission, it's my purpose, and if you don't live out your purpose, that alone will be your greatest regret. And in this program I help you find your purpose.

So I've burned the midnight oil, I've pulled out all the stops, I've dipped into my 50+ years of experience, training and success tools, interviewing the greatest success legends of our time, and armed my team with EVERYTHING you need to succeed.

And I'm going to make sure - personally - that you do.

Once you get inside the mentoring program, you're going to be blown away by what we've put together for you.

And don't kid yourself, this isn't a bait and switch, this isn't a useless compilation of old material, and this isn't just thrown together.

We studied our one-on-one coaching program with a fine toothed comb (this coaching typically cost upwards $88 THOUSAND dollars) and we created a powerful, complete and success-driven curriculum around it.

We then divided it into bite-size, consumable lessons that focus on building a foundation that stands the test of time, a foundation we can then build a castle on.

We've put together weekly lessons that will methodically take you up the ladder of success. We don't just give you the keys to the house and hope you find your way to the top.

A lot of "coaching programs" out there focus on selling a bunch of sizzle. They sell you on fancy cars, nice homes and gold watches, but unless you've built a sustainable foundation, it all falls apart like a house of cards.

Not us. Not me.

I'm not in it for the money, I have lots of that, I'm in it for the legacy, I'm in it for YOU.

This is MY NAME, my destiny, and my program - and I made darn sure it can stand up to your dreams and deliver greatness.

But I want to warn you..

When you land on the sign-up page, there's very little information...

I did that on purpose, because unless you you're truly ready for change, it's just not a good fit.

But if you're still reading this, if you've been called to change your life once and for all, if you feel like enough is enough and the time is NOW, then you are exactly who I'm looking for.

This program is reserved for you, because you've shown me you're committed, you have resolve, and you're coachable.

I'm not here to twist your arm, I'm not here to "convince" you. If you need convincing, I'll let someone else sell you the sizzle.

I'm looking for people that are HUNGRY so I can deliver the steak!

Are you HUNGRY?

I am about to open the doors to my most powerful online mentoring program.

I'm about to take off the padlock and let you sign up.

I'm about to extend my arm to help you up, and onto success.

I'm about to say "welcome to the family, I look forward to being your personal mentor".

The question is  - ARE YOU THE ONE?

You have something special, you have greatness within you,

Take my hand, and let's unlock your greatness!

Sign up now by clicking the button above.

I look forward to our journey together,

Les Brown

PS - Please understand that because of the intensity of the mentoring program, we can only accept so many at a time and you may find the registrations closed. Although my mission is to help as many people as possible live their dreams, I can only mentor so many at a time. If you feel like you should have been accepted but missed out, send me an email and tell me why. Life rewards action, and the time to act is now!
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Meet Les Brown
World renown and top rated public speaker and celebrated trainer and coach, Les Brown has been impacting lives globally for over 50 years - and now he's ready to mentor you!

Specializing in unlocking the inner greatness inside of you, Mr. Brown's teaching will help you find the inspiration to get unstuck, provide you with the skills needed to find true, meaningful purpose in life as well as teach you the tactics of the rich and famous.

Mr. Brown regularity charges between $80,000 and $138,000 for his private, one-on-one coaching, and has turned more speakers into millionaires than any other speaker trainer.

In this mentoring program, Les has converted his highly-effective speaker success strategies to be applicable to the average person looking to get more out of life, get unstuck and LIVE THEIR DREAM.
Les Brown
Million Dollar Mentor
Serial entrepreneur, family man, transformation coach and head of Les Brown Global, Alain Blais has been spent a large portion of his business career helping thousands achieve incredible health and weight loss transformations.

In his 13 year tenure as the owner of The Transformation Center, he specializes in helping broken, lost and hopeless people find meaning in life, and achieve their wildest dreams.  As the leader of Les Brown's enterprise, he now devotes his time helping Mr. Brown impact people from all walks of life on a global level, as well as provide valuable insight and life-enhancing lessons through the various teachings, seminars and coaching Les Brown Global provides.

As Mr. Brown's right hand man, Al has orchestrated the best of both his and Mr. Brown's material and organized it into this powerful online mentoring tool - one that has already seen incredible transformations from our students.

If you've ever felt like you weren't living your true purpose, like you were meant for more, like enough is enough and you're ready to take charge of your life, now is the time to let Al and Les lift you up and embrace your greatness.
Alain Blais
CEO Les Brown Global
Here's a short clip of Al discussing our mentoring program during one of our events.
One last note...
Truth is... My mentoring program isn't for everyone...

But if you are...

😥 Stuck, lost and feeling hopeless
😥 Lacking meaning and purpose in life
😥 Struggling to set and achieve goals
😥 Missing the key skills to live your dreams

Than you will benefit substantially from my mentoring program.

In it, I will teach you ...

How to get UNSTUCK, get motivated, harness your inner power, discover where you want to go in life and utilize success strategies of millionaires.

Build the foundation of GREATNESS, build routines of happiness, build your A team and utilize technology to enhance your life.

Outline the roadmap to your DREAM, teach strategies to overcome inevitable obstacles and harness the power of accountability.

How to find FULFILLMENT in your work, enhance your health and empower your mind for success.

And so much more...

If you're serious about breaking free and living your dreams, I want you to join me.

You have something special, you have greatness in you - and I want to help you bring it out.

Listen, success ain't easy, and sure isn't convenient. You've got to fight for it, you've got to go after it with all you've got, and most importantly you've gotta be HUNGRY!

If you're HUNGRY, I want to help - Join now, and let's get started

Les Brown
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